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ken dold memorial ride

Sunday, April 28th 2024


Join Ken's Family and Friends for the Inaugural Ken Dold Memorial Ride! We will gather together on
Sunday, April 23rd to celebrate Ken Dold with some of the things he loved the most in this world: Bikes, Music, Brews, and Community. 



We hope you will join us! 


The Ken Dold Memorial Ride started with the vision of remembering Ken near his birthday and the anniversary of his death. When considering how to best celebrate this great man, we wanted to do it in a way that he would have loved. So we combined some of his favorite things into a fun afternoon of bikes, music, brews, and community.

Ken music.jpg
Ken loved biking, carving out time every week to get in miles on his bike. He was an accomplished rider, participating in the Triple Bypass, Copper Triangle, and Elephant Rock rides. He loved to share his passion with his friends.
All who knew Ken knew that music was dear to his heart. He loved to play any chance he got and was lead guitarist in Old Man Rock and the Wingmen, as well as a worship leader at his church.
Even though not originally from Colorado, Ken quickly fell in love with the Colorado lifestyle. Skiing, riding, hiking, and of course, Colorado beer!
Ken knew the importance of community and spent much of his time developing deep friendships, spending time with family and neighbors, and serving on the board of his HOA.
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