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All riders, meet at the Dold Residence.


Ride from the Dold's to Platte River Bar & Grill, approximately 3.3 miles.


Live Music, Food, and Drinks in memory of Ken. Any friends who do not want to ride can meet at Platte River Bar & Grill at 2:00pm



Bike back to the Dold's Residence. 

the route

The bike ride from the Dold Residence to Platte River Bar & Grill is 3.3 miles. The route is downhill and flat with only one major road crossing at Mineral and Jackass Hill. This route is easy for all levels of cyclists.

The ride from Platte River to the Dold's is a little more difficult, with a 300 ft climb at the end of the ride up Jackass Hill. This route is moderate and cyclists who do not wish to ride both directions should arrange alternate transportation back.

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